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    Complete Motor Protection
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    Rango is pioneer in High Tension Motor

    Soft Starter production in South India

    We produce starters for various motor capacities from 25HP to 500HP
    The product range covers Star Delta Starters, Auto Transformer Starters
    Electronic Soft Starters and High Tension Soft Starters
    Motor Control Panels and other HT and LT panels.
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About Us

Rango is the first manufacturer of High Tension Motor Soft Starters in South India. The first ever HT Soft Starter manufactured in South India by us is installed in Aluva Water Treatment Plant of Kerala Water Authority. In Aluva our starter drives the 500 HP High Tension Motor Pumpset which pumps water to Kochin city. After Aluva, Rango’s success repeated in numerous Kerala Water Authority Pumping stations all over Kerala. Now our product line includes HT Soft Starter Panels, LT Soft Starter Panels, ATS Starters, Star Delta Starters, APFC Capacitor Panels, HT and LT switch gear panels, etc.

We are emerging as a successful and reliable source with 100% customer satisfaction.


For Dealership Enquiries and Purchase Contact Us !

Rango, JRA 450, Garden Valley, Jai Nagar, Thirumala P.O, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala 695006



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